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                  湖北省发展和改革委员会 湖北省公安厅 湖北省自然资源厅 湖北省住房和城乡〒建设厅 湖北省交通运输厅 国家能源局华中监管局 湖北省能源局关于进一步优化电力接入营№商环境的通知(46)



                OF HUBEI PROVINCE

                Issued by the General Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government

                November 16, 2019 No.22 Serial No.340 Semimonthly


                  Circular of Hubei Provincial People’s Government on Announcing Standards of Comprehensive Requisitioned Land Prices of Given Districts and Blocks(3)

                  Official Reply of Hubei Provincial People’s Government on Relevant Issues of Setting up Wujiagang Toll Station on the Three Gorges Expressway(44)

                  Circular of the General Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government on Printing and Issuing the Implementation Measures for Pledging Allegiance to Constitution of National Staff Appointed by Hubei Provincial People’s Government and Its Offices and Departments(44)

                  Circular of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, Hubei Provincial Natural Resources Department,Hubei Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department,Hubei Provincial Transportation Department, Central China Energy Regulatory Bureau of National Energy Administration of the People’s Republic of China and Hubei Provincial Energy Bureau on Further Optimizing the Business Environment of Power Access(46)

                  Circular of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Hubei Provincial Press and Publication Bureau on Verifying Retail Prices of Textbooks(for the Third Batch) for Middle and Primary Schools in the Autumn of 2019(48)

                  Supervised and Hosted by the General Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government

                  Post Code: 430071

                  Contact Tel: (027) 87235549

                  International Journal No.:ISSN 1006-8619

                  Domestic Journal No.:CN42-1821/D

                  Edited and Published by the Gazette Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government

                  Address: No.7 Hongshan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City

                  Printed by the Printing Center of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Government

                  Website Enquiries:/


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