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                  中国福彩手机投注软件办公厅主办 2019年12月1日 第23号 (总号:341) 半月刊







                  湖北省民政厅 湖北省高★级人民法院 湖北省人民检察院 湖北省发展和改革委员会 湖北省教育厅∑ 湖北省公安厅 湖北省司法厅 湖北省财政厅 湖北省医疗保障局 中国共产主义青年团湖北省委员会 湖北省妇女联合会 湖北省残疾人联合会关于进一步加强事实无人抚养儿童保障工作的实施意见(41)


                OF HUBEI PROVINCE

                Issued by the General Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government

                December 1, 2019 No.23 Serial No.341 Semimonthly


                  Circular of Hubei Provincial People’s Government on Printing and Issuing the Implementation Plan for Enhancing the Building of the Quality Certification System to Promote Total Quality Management(3)

                  Circular of Hubei Provincial People’s Government on  Prohibiting New Construction Projects and Population Immigration in the Construction Area of Water Resources Allocation Project for Centre Area of Shiyan City(7)

                  Circular of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission on Publishing the List(2019 Version) of Intermediary Services Required Before Administrative Examination and Approval(10)

                  Circular of Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission on Implementing the Strategy for Promoting the Rise of the Central Region and Opinions on Promoting High Quality Development(28)

                  Circular of Hubei Provincial Civil Affairs Department on Printing and Issuing the Interim Measures for Examination and Approval of Minimum Substance Guarantee(34)

                  Implementation Opinions of Hubei Provincial Civil Affairs Department,Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court,Hubei Provincial People’s Procuratorate,Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Hubei Provincial Education Department,Hubei Provincial Public Security Department,Hubei Provincial Justice Department,Hubei Provincial Finance Department,Hubei Provincial Healthcare Security Department,Hubei Committee of the Communist Youth League of China,Hubei Provincial Women’s Federation and Hubei Provincial Disabled Person’s Federation on Further Strengthening the Protection of De Facto Unattended Children(41)

                  Supervised and Hosted by the General Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government

                  Post Code: 430071

                  Contact Tel: (027)87235549

                  International Journal No.:ISSN 1006-8619

                  Domestic Journal No.:CN42-1821/D

                  Edited and Published by the Gazette Office of Hubei Provincial People’s Government

                  Address: No.7 Hongshan Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City

                  Printed by the Printing Center of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People’s Government

                  Website Enquiries:/